Network Connect was developed with the mission of improving the coordination of youth serving organizations by building effective partnerships for youth, families, communities, and organizations through community impact based approaches.

What we do:

For grassroots organizations

  • Screen

  • Training

  • Evaluation

  • Program Development Coaching

  • Link them to agencies that are in need of 



For Community Based Organizations

  • Environmental Scanning

  • Program Recruitment

  • Evaluation 


We believe community engagement builds “social capital” – social ties, networks, and support – which is associated with better community health and well-being. Everyone – parents, residents, youth, businesses, educators, health care institutions, law enforcement – has a role in creating healthier and safer communities for our youth.


Future culture creators

The Future Culture Creator Employment Program provides youth ages 14-19, who are currently enrolled in school, with an enriching and constructive year round-training, employment and internships through subsidized placement with local creatives, community based organizations, and non-profit organizations.

Network Connect is dedicated to the improvement of after school revitalization. To ensure the greatest impact we provide services to three core groups.


Culture Creators

Community Influencers

Effect Partners

Culture Creators are grassroots organizations or individuals who have fostered their passion for the community and youth through program facilitation. They are specialist in their field who bring a wealth of knowledge and education to the Network. 

Community Influencers have established credibility in the community, have access to a large audience, and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. They consistently demonstrate the ability to create change through innovative ideas, thought leadership, and community organizers. 

Effect partners represent community investors such as government and educational institutions, community centers, business owners and elected officials. Effect partners hold a special interest in providing resources to support after school revitalization.

Trainings & Workshops

Culture Building


Program Development


Capacity Building




Our Network Partners all share a common agenda of supporting communities, families, and our youth through:

  1. Academic Support and Advancement

  2. Health and Wellness Programs

  3. Removal of Community Stressors and Systematic Barriers 

  4. Social Emotional Supports

  5. Family Engagement and Support

  6. Economic Access

SOUL.R DRUMMING is a program designed to teach students African Diaspora music genres through drumming. Students will learn how to read music in relation to what they are learning on the drum. They also will gain essential life skills such as discipline, technique and culture

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