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Future Culture Creators is a culturally competent program uniquely designed to develop youth’s employment skills, positive self-image, and professionalism, while simultaneously improving community based program delivery. The experience equips participants with the skills needed to build and implement teen-led programming, which then provides enrichment for other youth in the community. Led by two women with an extensive background in youth program development, community engagement, and mental health, Future Culture Creators has the ability to help youth and young adults truly connect to their potential and set themselves up for a bright future.


The Future Culture Creators program takes youth who are disengaged in school, employment, and their community and builds confident leaders who improve not only their own lives, but the lives of those around them. Their training focuses on three major components: professional development and brand building, civic engagement and design thinking, and work experience through internships. Culturally relevant curriculum is implemented using discussion, cognitive behavior techniques, and group activities, all designed to maintain the full engagement of each participant. With a focus on restorative practices, students build healthy relationships with peers, family, and community members while improving community climate, culture, and promoting accountability.


During the first 6 months of the training program, participants concurrently learn brand building, professional development, design thinking, and civic engagement skills. The second 6 months consist of an internship with one of Network Connect’s community-based partner organizations. This work experience prepares each participant for the final weeks of the program, during which Network Connect facilitates long-term job placement. Throughout the year, individualized supports are wrapped around each participant to remove barriers and help them become their best selves.


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