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Let's empower the leaders of tomorrow.

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Dual School is a 12-week program that utilizes social impact projects to empower youth to become changemakers. In cohorts, students participate in design thinking workshops and mentorship opportunities to deeply understand a problem and create and launch meaningful solutions.

What is

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Why join the school?

Young people are the leaders of tomorrow;
Dual School provides students with the time, space, tools, training, and resources to assess, understand, imagine, design, and launch innovative solutions. Dual School has helped students write books, start nonprofits, launch summer camps, lead advocacy campaigns and much more!

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All Dual School students will gain access to and experience in:

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Leadership and teamwork skills

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Support raising funds and grants for projects

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Design thinking

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Design, implementation, & management of Social Impact projects

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Lifelong access to the Dual School community

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Access to a cohort of other like-minded young people

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Access to weekly webinars

Do you want to help this school make an impact?  Donate to Network Connect today!

Dual School’s curriculum is based on Design Thinking, a creative problem-solving process popularized by Stanford University’s Design School. Design Thinking involves 5-key phases:





Design Thinking flow graphic with five icons, each indicating the steps of the popular problem-solving process.  The first icon is a hand over a heart, next is a target with an arrow in the center, next is a light bulb with a gear inside, next are hands under a 3d box, and the last is a human figure next to a checklist.



Sessions have a specific theme, activities, and key takeaways. Students apply concepts, ideas, habits, and mindsets as they work to solve problems and build social impact projects.

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Students from all over Delaware participate in Dual School! 

To participate prospective students must:

  • Current high school student (9th-12th grade)

  • Interest in social justice 

  • Commitment to community building

  • Belief in youth-led change 

  • Hard worker, risk taker, willing to get your hands dirty.

  • Access to the internet (Can include a school, library, community center, etc.)

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No previous Design Thinking or experience needed!

Future Program

We're excited to share a glimpse of the opportunities coming in 2024 designed to unleash the potential of young changemakers!  Whether students are interested in joining a cohort, participating in design thinking exercises, or contributing to community-driven solutions, there's something for everyone.

Healthcare Hub

in partnership with

the Health Impacts program from
Christiana Care logo
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The program at a glance:

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched Dual School’s "Healthcare Hub", in partnership with ChristianaCare’s Health Impacts program!  


Our Healthcare Hub is a part of ChristianaCare’s Health Impacts workforce development program serving teens in Wilmington, Delaware. Health Impacts works with youth ages 16 to 18 and offers a unique opportunity to explore different healthcare careers.

  • Partners: Network Connect & Christiana Care. 

  • Participants: 27 youth, ages 16-18. 

  • Dates: 

    • Healthcare Hub Training: Coming Soon

    • Christiana Care Internship: Coming Soon

  • Hours: 

    • Training, 6 hours/week 

    • Internship, up to 20 hours/week 

  • Internship Type: Paid

    • $250 stipend for training. 

    • Hourly rate for internship.

Design Thinking Training

in partnership with

YMCA of Delaware logo
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The program at a glance:

We are excited to continue our partnership with the YMCA of Delaware!


Dual school hosts a design thinking workshop with the YMCA, where students work on passion projects for their community.

  • Partners: Network Connect & The YMCA of DE. 

  • Participants: 20 youth, ages 16-18. 

  • Dates: Coming Soon

  • Hours: 4-6 hours/week.

  • Internship Type: Service & Experience.

Environmental Hub

in partnership with

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The program at a glance:

Previous Student Participant Schools Include:

  • Brandywine High School

  • Odessa High School 

  • Concord High School

  • Great Oaks Charter School

  • Mount Pleasant High School

  • Wilmington Friends Charter School

  • Cab Calloway

  • Howard High School

  • Newark High School

  • Charter School of Wilmington

  • Delcastle Technical High School

  • McKean High School

  • Smyrna High School

  • Freire High School

  • St Mark's High School 

  • Elkton High School

The Environmental Hub is a program dedicated to educating high-school students on environmental justice and issues surrounding environmentalism. This 10-week program will allow students to work in teams to connect, empathize, and understand one another and our world through an equity-based design thinking process. Students will have the support of facilitators, student mentors, and environmental field experts. 

Through this program, students will: 

  • Engage with each other through facilitation-based exercises to develop empathy, social skills, and a better understanding of their topics. 

  • Conduct research on their topics, watch documentaries, and interview experts to expand their knowledge on certain subjects. 

  • Imagine, develop, and implement an environmental-based passion project.

  • Showcase their prototypes through a final presentation exhibition, exploring their personal experiences and connection to their environmental topic. 


Through conversation, creativity, problem-solving, and empathy building, students in the Environmental Hub will be able to make a real, tangible impact on Delaware’s environment. 

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Support the

Help us bring these programs and many more to the future changemakers of Delaware by donating today!

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