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CWA Program Coordinator

You will have the chance to develop and oversee new programs and services, as well as provide active support for daily activities and operations. We are passionate about providing programs and services that benefit our community, and we want a program coordinator who will work with other local organizations as well as our in-house staff to ensure our offerings are of the highest quality. If you are ready to make a positive impact on your neighborhood and enjoy competitive pay, stipend supplemental insurance benefits, and true job satisfaction,
we look forward to bringing you on board.

  • Assist with the development and implementation of a high-quality program, services, and activities that

    meet program objectives

  • Oversee daily operations of all programs, including recruiting, appointing, and managing staff

    members, planning and tracking budgetary items, and evaluating activities for positive outcomes and

    legal compliance.

  • Analyze programs during planning, implementation, and follow-up to verify quality and ensure

    activities and services achieve stated objectives and outcomes.

  • Organize weekly staffing schedules and manage additional resource allocation as needed for special

    programs recruitment campaigns, and employee morale-building activities.

  • Prepare, modify, and file reports and documentation as necessary, including daily summaries of

    activities and incidents, post-program overviews, recommendations for future services, and analysis of

    overall program effectiveness.

  • Serve as the lead contact for worksites, community ambassadors, and program partners

  • Work collaboratively with and effectively within the senior team to assist with the strategic planning

    and evaluation planning to provide direction and implementation of pilot program

Skills and Qualifications
  • Detail-oriented with excellent organizational skills and adherence to deadlines

  • Master’s Degree preferred, not required

  • Three years experience in health or human services work such as applying theories, principles, laws and
    practices of health or human services programs and services that assist with and improve life for
    individuals, families, or communities such as financial support, employment, unemployment, housing,
    health care, disease prevention, substance abuse, child protective services, physical/mental health
    treatment and prevention or rehabilitation.

  • Six months experience in health or human services program administration such as overseeing and
    directing the development, implementation and evaluation of health or human services programs and
    services; planning and establishing short and long range program goals and objectives. Providing advice
    to other agency organizational units through consultation.

  • Six months experience in developing policies and procedures.

  • Six months experience in staff supervision which includes planning, assigning, reviewing, and
    evaluating the work of others.

  • Knowledge of budget management and control which includes managing a budget for the purpose of
    keeping expenditures within the limitations of available appropriations and available revenue and
    maintaining, monitoring, projecting and controlling a budget within set policies and procedures.

Please email your resume to if interested!

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